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Your Talents

It was a classic moment – two pastors, one Australian speaking English, one Thai, translating into Thai – delivering the sermon to a combined congregation of English, Thai, and Burmese.  As Pastor Jonathan talks about talents and abilities, he confesses his difficulty in even drawing “stick people”.  As the Thai pastor comes to that phrase he pauses, realizing he has no word to translate “stick people”.  After a brief awkward silence, Pastor Jonathan says “mai pen rai”, which in Thai basically means “don’t worry about it”, to which his Thai counterpart immediately says, in English, “no probrem”.  I guess it was probably funnier in person…

Worship, however, was a different story.  While we all joined voices during the same song, it was sung simultaneously in English and Thai.  Yet, even though many in the church would not understand the words sung by the others, the melody came together in beautiful, harmonious praise to our Heavenly Father.  This day, there was no language barrier, nothing lost in translation.  It was praise, plain and simple, for a loving Creator that loved us so much He sent his only Son to the earth.  Even more amazing is that Jesus came willingly, knowing He would die a humiliating, criminal’s death.

The message was plain and simple…we are all given abilities in various areas.  Many of them lie dormant, some sprout and show signs of life, but even fewer actually blossom to produce a talent that exhibits fruit.  Don’t let your abilities, gifts to you from an awesome Creator, be wasted through neglect or lack of effort.  Sing praise to Him through all He has created you to do.

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