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The evening started out like most others during the rainy season – the sky drew darker, thunder rolled in the distance, and we said with a smirk on our faces, “Guess it is going to rain”.  This was no ordinary rain, however.  Within minutes, the street was flooded a full 7 inches deep, and water was inching its way up the driveway to our front door.  For two hours, we battled water finding its way through the tiniest of openings in the roof, running down various sections of walls and leaving us with towel after towel full of water being wrung out in the shower.

At the end of it all, we had received 8 inches of rain in just under two hours.  Every street in the mubaan was flooded, including the lower level of the school.  We stood in the doorway amazed at the river of water rushing down the street, waiting for the water to subside.  Then, by morning, the skies were clear and the street was dry.

Too often we see the storm coming, and like trials in our lives, have no idea how much rain it is going to bring.  Had we known we were about to receive that much precipitation, we would have had buckets and pans in place, mop in hand, and been ready to take on the storm.  But, we just don’t always know that, do we?  Yet, God, in his amazing grace, has given us a promise, that in the midst of the storm, he will “never leave us nor forsake us.” (Joshua 1:5)  We had no idea of the magnitude of the storm, but in the end, the house held up, the rain dried, and the street was clear again.

When you face storms in your life, remember that they do not last forever, and even though we will not know how intense the storm is, God always does.  When we trust in him as our Lord and Savior, he will always see us through the storm to the rainbow at the end.  That is his promise to us, and God NEVER forgets his promises.


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